Weekly Summary 08

18th February – 24th February

Welcome to our Weekly Summary. Let’s have a look at what happened during the last week. We’ll start with the interviews we got to see.

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PandemoniumCon 8/9 Dec ’18

Matt, Dom, Kat, Isaiah, Jade, Will

Hosted by Zarata Events

First of all, the location was a mess: It was too small for so many people but apparently Zarata Events couldn’t get another location due to late booking and the date. So they had to deal with not only too small space but also with the lack of a proper stage as well as difficuties with the microphones. Lisa, who was our host for that day gave her best to deal with that situation but it was really troublesome.
This also led to delays and in the end activities were switched or rescheduled because of all the problems. Still everything worked out in the end – more or less. The closing ceremony was completely cancelled and Isaiah and Jade had still been signing at 9pm while the whole even had officially ended at 6:30pm.

As you can see – the cast was wonderful. Not just Isaiah and Jade but all of them gave their best in this situation to give the fans a good time. There had been a welcome party, various panels, meet & greets and breakfast times to meet all of them.

Read on to see some photos of the event and also scripts of the panels that were going on…

Weekly Summary 07

11th February – 17th February

We’ll start off this week with birthdays again: Isaiah, Anna and Alberto!

Then we go on with lots of campaign content! Seriously. There was a lot this week!

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Weekly Summary 06

04th February – 10th February

First of all we have a special mention. Please read the following threads as they are quite important.

Now, let’s start this week with two #SHTVFlockToUnlock. This week we got Jade and Sydney who both joined in this awesome project.

Also we had three birthdays: Dom, David and Chai!

Happy birthday to the one and only @domsherwood. Thick and thin, rain or shine, heaven and hell, we’ve been through a lot. Thank you for being a kick ass friend, big brother, and partner in crime in demon hunting. Have a day as remarkable as you! xo ❤︎

Kat blessed us withgorgeous photos

And so did Will

Had a great time at the @alfreddunhill Pre-BAFTA Filmmaker’s party last night! 😎🎩

And Emeraude


And also Sydney

Me: puts on my red boots
Ann: oh it’s THAT kind of night?

Kat will also be featured in a magazine

♥︎ ♡ @thedailyshuffle February cover – http://www.thedailyshuffle.com/the-daily-shuffle-february-2019-issue/ 📷: @photobyhudson

And Jade is nominated for the AudienceChoiceAward! You can vote up to 100 times daily!

And of course we have some behind the scenes material

Passing the time waiting for Shadowhunters 3B. Schadenfreude is best this time of year we will let it ripen on the vine for a bit longer 😈 #shadowhunters #asmodeus #teamedom #youarenotready

Also we got a little teaser for 3A bloopers

And we got the actual bloopers

Last but not least a collection of the press articles we got this week:

Weekly Summary 04

21st January – 27th January

Let’s start this summary with all the important tweets, small spoilers and teasers and whatever else that fits the category.

Did you know Shadowhunters was nominated for the GLAAD Awards again?

And while we are at awards, have a look at this:

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