Shadowhunters Poster Berlin

Created by Robin @r0binmon on Twitter/IG

From today (April 1st) until April 28th this poster will be visible as a floor poster in Berlin/Germany. During the last weeks and months there was a lot of advertising and there were lots of posters all over the world. Check the #SaveShadowhunters Timeline we have put together for more information.

The poster will be visible at the following location:
Subway station Alexanderplatz, U2 tracks direction Ruhleben.

If you’re going there and you’re taking any photos, let us know! We’re excited to see them. Tag us on Twitter or Instagram (@ShadowfamD).

For those of you not understanding any German. The texts on the poster say:

Stream now on Netflix!

Part of the #SaveShadowhunters campaign – financed by fans
This advertisement was realised by fans and has no affiliation to Freeform, Netflix or Constantin Film

We really hope you enjoy this piece. Let us know in the comments!


Weekly Summary 09

25th February – 03rd March

So many things happened during this week. We had the premier of 3B, lots of interviews, promotional content and so many photos! Let’s start…

TODAY IS THE DAY, ANGELS! @shadowhunterstv 3B premieres tonight!! 🖤⚔️✨ #shadowhunterslegacy

After the new episode aired we already got a small preview of what will happen in 3×12

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Weekly Summary 07

11th February – 17th February

We’ll start off this week with birthdays again: Isaiah, Anna and Alberto!

Then we go on with lots of campaign content! Seriously. There was a lot this week!

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3B Trailer Analyse

Jetzt, nachdem wir endlich den Trailer bekommen haben, gibt es eine Menge Fragen. Wir versuchten, alle Informationen, die wir haben, zusammen zu fassen und eine mehr oder weniger komplette Analyse von dem Trailer und eine Zusammenstellung all unserer Theorien (die wahr oder falsch sein können) zu schreiben, die aufkamen, während wir das Video geschaut haben. Bitte beachtet, dass die Analyse Spoiler beinhalten könntte. Wenn es ein großer Spoiler ist, haben wir es so markiert: [1] und werden den Spoiler ans Ende des Eintrages setzen, sodass es dir überlassen ist, ob du es lesen willst oder lassen möchtest.

Wenn du auch einige Theorien oder Ideen hast, lass es uns in den Kommentaren wissen, weil wir es auch sehr gerne wissen würden.

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Weekly Summary 05

28th January – 3rd February

Another week is over, here the weekly summary
And 3B is now oficially back in 3 weeks!

We start with tweets.

FlockToUnlock from Harry

FlockToUnlock from Anna

The next one is an interesting one from Todd and explains a questions about a guy we saw in the trailer, yes the real trailer. 😉

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