Weekly Recap: 1×03

Week 3 of the Shadowhunters re-watch was filled with vampire drama, Lightwood sass, and flirting between Clace. This re-watch was centered around the rescue of Simon Lewis seeing as last week fans were left watching as the New York Vampire clan offered a trade. The cup for the mundane. While Simon struggles to keep his cool around the vampires the Lightwoods work to get weapons needed without being noticed. Izzy does her part by finding a way into the hotel and as she works fans get introduced to the one and only Meliorn. Clary and Jace charm their way into a nighttime motorcycle ride that left Clary and fans speechless. Clary and Jace may have been the ones to go get Simon away from Camille, but all eyes were on the Lightwood siblings as they did the distracting. The sass between Izzy and Alec was the comic relief fans needed, but it didn’t last long because Simon was finally freed and reconnected with his best friend. The ending was tension filled and left fans wondering what could be next for the Shadowhunter that was raised mundane. Join the Shadowfam next week for another exciting re-watch.


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