Weekly Summary 04

21st January – 27th January

Let’s start this summary with all the important tweets, small spoilers and teasers and whatever else that fits the category.

Did you know Shadowhunters was nominated for the GLAAD Awards again?

And while we are at awards, have a look at this:

And here is some more of Harry. He joined a podcast to which you can listen here


But the cast also engaged in other things…
We had two #SHTVFlockToUnlocks last week. One of them wit Dom, the other one with Luke

Todd also gave us a few things, continuing his countdown and also tease a bit more about 3B. I guess it’s sure to say, that both, Malec shipper and Clace shipper, will enjoy 3B. A lot.

But the biggest surprise last week was probably this…

Then we have a lot of BTS stuff. Have a look at these photos and short clips.

Happy Super Blood Wolf Moon! 💚🐺 #shadowhunters #lukegarroway #maiaroberts
Hey @jadehassoune , one month until 3B airs! #shadowhunters

And we have our amazing cast with a few photos from their daily life, their activities and all the things they want to share with us.

Hello Lovelies. Im sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. I’m going through a lot in my life right now. Dealing with loss and grief and trying to figure out who this Adult is that I am supposed to have become when, in reality, I often still feel like a little kid just trying to figure things out. I know a lot of you out there are struggling too. That you’re facing uncertainty and loneliness and loss and challenges that test your heart and your faith that things will get better. I just wanted to say that you are all Brave. You are all Loveable and Strong and Important and you will get through whatever you are experiencing now and move forward with brighter days ahead. Reach out if you need support, be gentle with yourself and remember that you are a Valuable and Loveable person. Much Love, Mama❤️
Said goodbye to Sophia today. So very grateful for this experience, these people and this place. Thank you #Departure. Thank you London. Thank you to the cast and crew. My heart is full, I’m lucky to have been a part of it 🙏
Share the wonder of reading, just like @Kat.McNamara. From now through March 31st, post a shelfie with your fave book using #MagicOfStorytelling and @Disney & @ABCBeInspired will donate a new book to @FirstBookOrg (up to 1M books)
Got a little face time with my girl @alisonhaislip last night. We fell into the @netflix FYRE Fest vortex 😳
⬖ Blink. I dare you. ⬗
Get yeti.
@albertorosende never skipped #armday !!
In the 3 years I had the privilege of working with him he developed an amazing #physique
Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see the next stage of your progress 💪

And we have media coverage again we’d like to share with you…

That’s it for this week! See you next.


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