Guilty Of Acting Like A Nephilim?

[German translation below/Deutsche Übersetzung weiter unten]

We all know our dearest Shadowhunters families are as colourful as they come. And for better and for worse, they all seem to have their very own distinctive characteristic and traits that can be associated with each of their family names (and that even seem to manifest themselves across multiple generations).
Too caught up in your own family headspace? This is how fellow Nephilim might call you out (and what they mean while saying it): when they use your very own Shadowhunter name against you in verb form.

to herondale
Example for an expression: herondaling oneself (and likely others) into a dangerous situation
Meaning: being way too reckless (and maybe a little too confident in one’s own abilities)

to lightwood
Example for an expression: lightwooding around
Meaning: owning the place like the king / queen you are (but maybe coming across as just a little posh)

to carstairs
Example for an expression: stop carstairing your problems
Meaning: enduring too much (and not being as vocal about your own problems as you should be)

to fairchild
Example for an expression: fairchilding a conflict
Meaning: being a total badass and quick to act (but maybe overlooking the option of diplomacy quite a few times in the process)

to blackthorn
Example for an expression: blackthorning that family problem
Meaning: Being wrapped up and busy in your caring for your loved ones (and isolating yourself and being a bit sulky and brooding in the process)

to branwell
Example for an expression: they totally branwelled during that conflict
Meaning: being calm and collected and observant even during crisis (but maybe being a bit too passiv from time to time

to graymark
Example for an expression: graymarking a relationship
Meaning: being very loyal (maybe too much and to one’s own detriment)

to morgenstern
Example for an expression: morgensterning one’s goals
Meaning: Being very dedicated (and..maybe even willing to burn everything down in the process)

At least one thing is very clear, even when they are at their most stereotypical family self, we all love our Shadowhunters regardless.

(special thanks at former tumblr account incorrect-sh-quotes for kickstarting this)

Text by @seaconspiracies

Verhältst Du Dich Wie Ein Nephilim?

Wir alle wissen, unsere geliebten Schattenjäger Familien sind so unterschiedlich, wie man sie sich nur vorstellen kann. Und sowohl zu ihrem Vor- wie auch zu ihrem Nachteil, scheint doch jede der Familien ganz unterschiedliche Eigenschaften und Macken aufzuweisen (die sie offenbar anscheinend manchmal sogar noch an ihren Nachfahren vererben).
Selber manchmal ein bisschen zu gefangen, in deinen eigenen Familiengewohnheiten? Grund genug für die Nephilim um dich herum, dich darauf subtil aufmerksam zu machen (und dir dabei durch die Blume eigentlich etwas ganz anderes mitzuteilen), indem sie ganz einfach deinen eigenen Schattenjäger Namen in Verbform verwenden.

heronadalen (v)
Anwendungsbeispiel: sich selbst (und wahrscheinlich andere) in eine gefährliche Situation herondalen
Bedeutung: viel zu risikofreudig sein (und vielleicht auch ein wenig zu überzeugt vom eigenen Können sein)

lightwooden (v)
Anwendungsbeispiel: herum lightwooden
Bedeutung: den Raum mit der eigenen Präsenz ganz einnehmen und bestimmen (mit der leichten Gefahr dabei auch ein bisschen arrogant zu wirken)

carstairen (v)
Anwendungsbeispiel: hör auf deine Probleme zu carstairen
Bedeutung: zu viel auszuhalten und auf sich zun ehmen (und dabei vielleicht nicht in dem Umfang über die eigenen Probleme zu sprechen wie man eigentlich sollte)

fairchilden (v)
Anwendungsbeispiel: einen Konflikt fairchilden
Bedeutung: total hardcore und schnell eine Situation lösen (auch wenn man dabei unter Umständen mal wieder komplett übersieht, dass Diplomatie hier auch eine Lösung gewesen wäre)

blackthornen (v)
Anwendungsbeispiel: das Familienproblem blackthornen
Bedeutung: sehr beschäftigt damit sein sich um seine Lieben zu kümmern (und sich dabei zu isolieren und ein bisschen vor sich hin zu schmollen)

branwellen (v)
Anwendungsbeispiel: sie haben während der Auseinandersetzung total gebranwelled
Bedeutung: ruhig und gesammelt sein, auch in Krisensituationen Dinge und Zusammenhänge beobachten (und dabei vielleicht von Zeit zu Zeit etwas zu passiv zu sein)

graymarken (v)
Anwendungsbeispiel: eine Beziehung graymarken
Bedeutung: sehr loyal sein (vielleicht sogar zu sehr und damit zum eigenen Verhängnis)

morgensternen (v)
Anwendungsbeispiel: die eigenen Ziele morgensternen
Bedeutung: sich seeeehr auf Dinge konzentrieren und ihnen hingeben (und…vielleicht dabei sogar willig zu sein, Dinge vollkommen dem Erdboden gleich zu machen, sollte es denn nötig sein…)

Eins steht dabei aber auf alle Fälle fest: selbst wenn sie mal total den Gewohnheiten ihrer eigenen Familie verfallen, unser Schattenjäger lieben wir selbst dann noch.

(Danke an den ehemaligen Tumblr-Account incorrect-sh-quotes, die das hier überhaupt erst losgetreten haben)

Text von @seaconspiracies

A few Information for Conventions

Recently we got a text about conventions via mail and would like to share it with you. There might be some information that’s also relevant for you…
Also available in German.

So, Conventions.

General rule: be nice, be kind and remember everyone is doing one hell of a job there.

Gifts for actors

Keep them small, keep them simple, keep them safe. Food, sweets, cookies? Please don’t. One thing: people have allergies you may not now about. If you know a person has allergies but not which ones, stay away from that area even more. If you know they like a specific thing, remember that they probably get that thing from everyone and their aunt and there’s only so much of any one thing that a person can eat. If it has to be, use store-bought. You know, with an ingredient list on it (for reason, see above). Do not give self-made things. There’s hardly anyone in the world worse at self-care than actors at conventions, but don’t make it even harder for them (and the staff who are, among other things, also supposed to make sure nothing happens that shouldn’t). Yes, if you give off the impression that you expect them to open your gift and try, they will probably do that. On average, even if they know the thing isn’t /likely isn’t for them, they’ll suffer rather than disappoint you. So don’t do that. Please.

Not too long ago, there was an incident at a con (that was on a different continent from me and I wasn’t there, but it’s certainly been talked about a lot among us). A day into it, one of the guests developed symptoms. Bad ones. First thought was stroke, but then quickly the word was “environmental influences”. That is, in that context, a fancy way of saying poisoning without using the word. Turned out eventually she was reacting to something her room was painted or cleaned with, but you bet I wouldn’t have wanted to be the person who had to answer the question “Did anything she was given go into her mouth?”

If you give sweets etc., expect that it will end up shared among the staff, not the actors. As per the above, there’s only so much a single person can eat.

There’s also only so much a single person can easily take on a plane, especially if they’re not flying home but to wherever they’re working next. If you give anything non-food that is bulky, fragile, heavy, difficult to transport etc., expect that it will stay behind. People’s time to take care of transporting stuff is limited to non-existent on tight schedules, no one’s likely to go and mail stuff after them (the staff are also going home after the con closes…). If it can’t be easily fitted into luggage, it’s got to be a pretty damned great present to go home with the recipient. Unless maybe it’s their first con and everything’s pretty damned special.

For one of the 2019 cons, someone had the idea of starting a fundraiser for an anti-bullying thing and have the donation certificate made out in Dom’s name & give it to him. Now THAT is a gift I’d say is about perfect. It’s something he cares about, something that’ll resonate with him and something that’ll be easy to take along.

Autograph sessions

First thing: Don’t expect them to recognise you. They may go to half a dozen cons a year and more, meeting XXX people there, plus work, other events, random fans catching them anywhere they go… it’s not going to happen. It’s rare for them to recognize the staff they’ve worked with before, for the same reason, and that’s okay. They WILL pretend, if they can at all, that they remember you. That’s part of their jobs. They’re usually good at it, too. That’s also part of their jobs. They’re actors. They act. It’s what they do. They may use much the same techniques that a fortune teller might to tell you just what you want to hear. It takes a lot of focus, it’s exhausting. Make it easy for them. If you want them to know you’ve seen them before, tell them when and where, don’t make them guess. If they can’t figure it out or don’t have the cope left to try, don’t get angry.

If you are really, truly recognised across cons, that is, in most cases, not a good thing. It means you stood out, and most likely you stood out negatively enough that someone took note of you and committed you to memory.

Yes, they’ll talk to you, and they should. That’s also their job. Please, keep it short on your end. If you have a long, complicated message for them, write it down beforehand, give them the letter. (But expect that it might be screened by someone else first, because you wouldn’t believe the sort of “letters” some of them get.) On the other hand, there might be situations where they read it then and there. It depends a lot on the situation. Con scheduling is narrow. The organiser wants to sell as many autographs/etc. as possible. Time is never enough. The actors will talk to you – as they should, see above – and you likely won’t be cut short unless you REALLY overdo it, but remember this: The time you use up that goes beyond the time scheduled for one autograph isn’t going to come out of the next person’s autograph time, or the one after that. It’s going to come out of the actor’s break time. Which is scarce to begin with (one con I worked at in 2018, one actress had three (3!) 5-minute breaks SCHEDULED for one afternoon. You can guess at how much break she got. No, that is not usually the case and that was really extreme, but you get the idea).


Poses: keep them simple, quick, and safe. Seriously. Again, the time you use beyond what the organizer scheduled (and that is never enough time) goes out of one place only, and that is your favorite actor’s break. Cons may/will have rules against certain poses, touching, etc. Actors will break them. It’s known. The organizers sort of tolerate it, the staff hate it, but a lot of the time you don’t stand there and tell your charge what to do where any fans can see. If you, as the fan, insist on a thing, if they can at all handle it, they’ll do it. If you make it seem like your personal happiness depends on the thing, same.

But you may be told you can’t have the thing you asked for. Please, accept that. There’ll be a reason for it. Even if you wouldn’tdo any anything bad, ever, remember that the benchmark for keeping the con safe isn’t you. It’s the worst credible fan present. And you know what? Worst credible fans have a way of making themselves look harmless right up to the moment they grab their actor and try to French kiss them (yes, this has happened). It’ s not personal. It’s that we can’t look into your head and tell what sort you are.

And even if people don’t mean it, accidents happen. At one con last year, we had an elbow in an actor’s face, an actor with a badly bruised foot, a bleeding hand and a torn sweater, most of these genuine accidents (jury’s still out on the foot). So please consider going back to the simple poses from the 1990s. Nice and safe. Thank you…

Also, if someone gives any sort of indication that they don’t want to be touched/hugged/whatever anymore, staff will stop you. Before you complain about the horrible staff or the stuck-up actor, please take a moment to remember that you don’t know what happened before you came in. Any single person can only stand so much in one day. Yes, they know that when they go to cons they will be touched, accidentally groped, “accidentally” groped, and totally unabashedly groped under pretence of taking a picture, have hands in inappropriate places and suggestive things happen. If the point has come where the actor needs a break, let them have that. Most likely, it’s not personal. But you might also just remind them specifically of that person who did that totally unacceptable thing that other time and they just can’t. Give them that break, too.

And if you just show up with some nice, safe, simple pose, I promise you you’ll be both the staff and the actor’s favorite person in the world for that moment.

In the hallways

If you meet a random actor in the hallways, please ignore them if you can at all. They’re on their way somewhere. If they’re on the way to their break, the time they spend talking to people additionally goes out of their break. If they’re on the way from their break, they’ll be late to their next thing and the time will come out of their next one.

Taking souvenirs

Do not.

You are in a room with an actor and they have some item of theirs lying around unsupervised?

Do not touch it. That is not an invitation for you to take home a souvenir. Keep your hands away.

No, even if it’s something tiny.

No, even if it’s something that’s “not worth anything”.

No, even if it’s just a water bottle.

Just don’t. (Also, stealing someone’s ready access to a quick drink in a situation in which they’re probably already borderline dehydrated is not a fun joke. Again, and seriously: there’s so much stress on those days, so little time, things like drinking gets forgotten. A lot. Taking away the opportunity to do so quickly does not improve the situation. Weirdly specific? Yeah, that’s because it actually just happened.)


This should not need saying, but unfortunately it does: Don’t follow them. If you know where they’re staying the night, don’t go there, don’t try to get an extra talk, or photographs, or autographs, or any other -graphs. They’re coming from what probably was at least an 18-hour day, they had far too few breaks, they’re probably borderline dehydrated, approaching hypoglycaemic, in need of a shower, some food, a lot of water and a bed, not necessarily in that order. They have to be back up and alert the next day. Let them rest.

Speaking of which… this is not con-related, but please? You see an actor somewhere – in the company of friends, doing something, maybe, say… celebrating a friend’s wedding? Don’t approach them. Please do not. No, they probably won’t send you away. Yes, they probably will agree to a picture and to talk to you. Because keeping fans happy is part of how they earn their money. No, the actor will probably not make a fuss and ruin his friends’ wedding party by telling you to go away, not knowing what sort of reaction will come from you afterwards (again, they can’t tailor their reactions to you. They have to tailor them to the worst credible fan). The point is, they shouldn’t have to be in that situation in the first place. And there’s no reason for being proud to have sat at your favorite actor’s table at his friends’ wedding. It’s not evidence of that actor’s nice-ness to his fans. It’s evidence of your inability to tell where you have absolutely no business being. They’re people, not property.


Weekly Recap 1×04

Last week fans watched as the Shadowhunters rescued Simon from the vampires. This week all seems well and the hunt for Valentine still continues and yes, Magnus Bane is throwing a party. By making a trade with Magnus, will the Shadowhunters finally get the answers they have been looking for? Things turn sour rather quickly and something is going on with Simon. As Magnus and the others start to trade memories of their loved ones in an attempt to retrieve all of Clary’s, Alec let’s go because he fears the truth about his love for Jace is revealed. Jace gets caught in the crossfire of an angry demon leaving Clary, Izzy, and Alec panicked. With Clary’s memories being gone for good and Alec fretting over the memory everyone saw fans are left waiting to see what will come of Valentine and the cup. As normal everyone join the ShadowFam for the weekly adventures into the Shadow World.


Weekly Recap: 1×03

Week 3 of the Shadowhunters re-watch was filled with vampire drama, Lightwood sass, and flirting between Clace. This re-watch was centered around the rescue of Simon Lewis seeing as last week fans were left watching as the New York Vampire clan offered a trade. The cup for the mundane. While Simon struggles to keep his cool around the vampires the Lightwoods work to get weapons needed without being noticed. Izzy does her part by finding a way into the hotel and as she works fans get introduced to the one and only Meliorn. Clary and Jace charm their way into a nighttime motorcycle ride that left Clary and fans speechless. Clary and Jace may have been the ones to go get Simon away from Camille, but all eyes were on the Lightwood siblings as they did the distracting. The sass between Izzy and Alec was the comic relief fans needed, but it didn’t last long because Simon was finally freed and reconnected with his best friend. The ending was tension filled and left fans wondering what could be next for the Shadowhunter that was raised mundane. Join the Shadowfam next week for another exciting re-watch.


Voices of the Shadowfam

We asked for your opinions on twitter:
What is the most important message that Shadowhunters taught you?

We got so many answers on this one and we are amazed by the amount of positivity, acceptance and tolerance that was written down. Here are some of the answers we got.

That is ok not be perfect or to always be strong; recognizing that asking for help is not a weakness but a proof of your bravery and willingness to be better, to move forward


No matter what life throws at you, you have the power to deal with it and overcome any difficulties.


It’s okay to be yourself , and if people don’t like that, they don’t belong in your life


That a women can be stong, kind, badass, vulnerable, supporting and make mistakes all at once. That it is oke to struggle with mental health. That you should just be yourself. That you should believe in yourself


It’s impossible to write it all down because #Shadowhunters delivered so many important messages. But one that I always have in mind is that no matter who you are or who you love or what kind of sexuality you have if you have the right people around you everything will be okay.


Love and acceptance, regardless of who or what you are you will always find a place in the world.


Love makes us stronger and it’s okay to let yourself be vulnerable and feel something. Anything. It’s okay to be you. Emotions aren’t distractions and they have important part in life. You can never be jaded to true love, friendship, courage and loyalty.


To never give up. You have people around you, you can always count on and you can trust them from the bottom of your heart. In the worst days, remember you are not alone.


A big thank you to everyone who sent us tweets, reminding us about the importance of the story again. Your words were really touching and beautiful to read.