Weekly Summary 08

18th February – 24th February

Welcome to our Weekly Summary. Let’s have a look at what happened during the last week. We’ll start with the interviews we got to see.

Original source:

While we are at interviews… A Q&A with Matt was announced. You can check it out on tumblr

Luke on the other hand promised an instagram live. Don’t miss it.

Besides the interviews we also got the following videos with the cast…

And Emeraude blessed us with this one

In addition to that we got part 3 of the 3A bloopers

And we have a new sneak peek

Other things that happened are the following…

Now we will have a look at the BTS content we got

6 more days before returning to Edom. 📷: @matthewdaddario @shadowhunterstv
Celebrate the Premiere of 3B with 5 Days of my never before seen Behind-the-Scenes Pics!🎉 From February 20th to 24th I’ll be sharing my Fave @shadowhunterstv BTS photos with you guys! Tell your friends, tell your angels, tell your Parabitai! It’s gonna be fun!❤️
DAY 1!🎉I spy with my little eye…So many people I Love!❤️Some quiet time BTS of episode 306 “Window Into am Empty Room”. This was my first episode without Runes and one of my all time favourites! We had some crazy fun and big laughs on his particular evening/morning shooting the scenes in The Hunter’s Moon but this was a quiet moment I caught of some of my favourite Humans.🥰Who do you see
DAY 2!🎉 Season One vs. Season Two for Mama and Papa Lightwood!😂(BTS from episode 218 “Awake, Arise, or be forever fallen”)
Day 3!🎉Me and My Baby Girl!
Day 4!🎉Intensity runs in the family.😠
DAY 5!!!🎉 We are SO EXCITED to share 3B with you tomorrow! So much Love in this family for each other, for you, for the Shadow World and for the journey that starts TOMORROW!❤️

And before we’re posting the press releases, have a look at the new fan campaigns. It’s amazing to see how enthusiastic the fans are about the series and how much they invest into all of this.

While talking about fan made things… this is absolutely worth a mention!

We also posted a look back to show what we put together during the last year, and we need to say… it’s incredible!

Now to the press and media…


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