#SaveShadowhunters Timeline

5th June 2018

6th June 2018
Start #SaveShadowhunters Campaign

9th June 2018
Start for the Trevor Project donations in the name of SH

11th June 2018
Start for the Girl Up donations in the name of SH

14th June 2018
6M #SaveShadowhunters Tweets
ShadowMerch launch

16th June 2018
“The Hunters of Shadow 2” Convention

17th June 2018
“The Hunters of Shadow 2” Convention

18th June 2018
7M #SaveShadowhunters Tweets

22nd June 2018
8M #SaveShadowhunters Tweets

26th June 2018
9M #SaveShadowhunters Tweets

29th June 2018

1st July 2018
10M #SaveShadowhunters Tweets

6th July 2018
International Dinnerparty

7th July 2018
Campaign Book “Love makes us stronger”

8th July 2018
11M #SaveShadowhunters Tweets
100 Australian presents send out to media outlets & cast

9th July 2018
Global photo hunt #ShadowhuntersInternational

11th July 2018
Deadline article: SH in talks, update on TID #SaveShadowhuntersSeoulSubway

12th July 2018
Customized #SaveShadowhunters M&M’s arrived at Constantin Film

14th July 2018
12M #SaveShadowhunters Tweets
“The Italian Institute” Convention

15th July 2018
“The Italian Institute” Convention: Cast received certificates of stars nmed after the #SaveShadowhunters campaign and the #Shadowfam

19th July 2018
Mugs and cookies sent to Constantin Film

20th July 2018

21st July 2018

22nd July 2018
13M #SaveShadowhunters Tweets

23rd July 2018

25th July 2018
#ShadowhuntersSugarRush: Cupcakes sent to the cast

30th July 2018
Toronto Billboard

31st July 2018
150.000 signatures in #SaveShadowhunters Petition
14M #SaveShadowhunters Tweets
$20.000 raised in Trevor Project

1st August 2018
#ShadowhuntersBusHunt in London

3rd August 2018
Production wrap, cast wrap
#ShadowhuntersGoUp (Balloons sent to various offices)

4th August 2018
Cast wrap and goodbye

8th August 2018
15M #SaveShadowhunters Tweets

9th August 2018
Runemellows & Runecookies sent to Constantin Film

10th August 2018
Constantin Film statement: “this version of SHADOWHUNTERS have to end”

11th August 2018
CBC report about #SaveShadowhunters

12th August 2018
– Matthew Daddario “Choice fantasy sci-fi actor”
– Shadowhunters “Choice fantasy sci-fi TV show”

16th August 2018
Release of Shadowcooks Book

19th August 2018
16M #SaveShadowhunters Tweets
Certificate “Asmodaddy of the year”

20th August 2018
#ShadowhuntersInBloom for Martin Moszkowicz

26th August 2018

31st August 2018
Freeform Auction spoilers

1st September 2018
ShadowfamD #HiatusCalendar start
#Run4Shadowhunters until 30.09.

3rd September 2018
“SaveIt”-Pins sent to CF

4th September 2018
Cassandra Clare talks about vandalism
#ShadowhuntersSugarRush 2

5th September 2018
Martin Moszkowicz retweets Cassandra Clare’s tweet
Nomination for E! People’s Choice Awards

6th September 2018
Donation to World Animal Foundation and adoption of 2/5 animals (check Oct 25th)

7th September 2018
Donation to World Animal Foundation and adoption of 1/5 animals (check Oct 25th)

8th September 2018
Rewatch party

9th September 2018
17M #SaveShadowhunters Tweets

10th September 2018
“SaveShadowhunters” bottle sent to Constantin Film

12th September 2018
Day 100 of #SaveShadowhunters Campaign
Constantin Film Tweet “fully support” Cassandra Clare

14th September 2018
#SHPressAttack: Article sent to various German media insitutions

16th September 2018
#SaveShadowhuntersBr in São Paulo
127€ donated to Educo

17th September 2018
“SaveIt” chocolates to Constantin Film
Donation to World Animal Foundation and adoption of 1/5 animals (check Oct 25th)

19th September 2018
#SHPressAttack article: Serienfuchs.de

21st September 2018
#SHPressAttack article: Serienfuchs.de
Announcement for part 2 of prop/wardrobe auctions
Freeform posts a photo of Matthew Daddario

22nd September 2018
OzCon in Brisbane

23rd September 2018
OzCon in Brisbane: Gift Basket for Matt in Brisbane

24th September 2018
Campaign Books sent to Constatin Film
Voting round 2 for E! People’s Choice Awards: From ONE nomination to FIVE through 4 write-ins

25th September 2018
Martin Moszkowicz posts and retweets PCA voting tweets

29th September 2018
OzCon in Sydney

30th September 2018
OzCon in Sydney: Gift basket for Dom in Sydney
End of #Run4Shadowhunters
Freeform advertises #31nightsofhalloween with Kat & Dom

1st October 2018
#SaveShadowhunters Postcards to CF
Start #SHHalloweenFic

4th October 2018

5th October 2018

6th October 2018
Kat showed up as Clary at the PCA voting Truck

7th October 2018

8th October 2018
Coffee box sent to Constantin Film

13th October 2018
18M #SaveShadowhunters tweets

14th October 2018

15th October 2018
Candies sent to Constantin Film

21st October 2018
End #SHHalloweenFic
Essay about Ratings and how to save SH by C.B. Wentworth

22nd October 2018
SaveIt Bag sent to Constantin Film

23rd October 2018
Start #ShadoweenWeek
Huffington Post Article about “trolling” Jimmy Fallon

25th October 2018
160.000 signatures #SaveShadowhunters petition
Donation to World Animal Foundation and adoption of 5 animals

27th October 2018
MCM Comic Con London

28th October 2018
MCM Comic Con London

29th October 2018
Halloween flower bouquet sent to Constantin Film

31st October 2018
End #ShadoweenWeek

3rd November 2018
Airdate Announcement 25th February 2019

5th November 2018
Malec teaser
#SaveShadowhunters ballpens sent to Constantin Film

11th November 2018
People’s Choice Awards Winner of:
– #TheShow 2018
– #TheBingeworthyShow
– Kat as #TheFemaleTVStar
– Harry as #TheMaleTVStar

12th November 2018
Letter about PCAs and other nominations sent to Constantin Film
Press release of Constantin Film about PCAs

15th November 2018
TIME changes rude article about PCAs twice after being called out

19th November 2018
Tea box sent to Constantin Film

26th November 2018
Advent Calendar sent to Constantin Film

1st December 2018
Start #25DaysOfTeaser
Start of #24DaysOfShadowmas

3rd December 2018
Notes and sweets sent to Constantin Film

6th December 2018
19M #SaveShadowhunters tweets

8th December 2018
Pandemonium Con: Kat, Matt, Dom, Isaiah, Jade, Will

9th December 2018
Pandemonium Con: Kat, Matt, Dom, Isaiah, Jade, Will

10th December 2018
Christmas cookies sent to Constantin Film

14th December 2018
Christmas baubles by @BoomBitchesSH arrived at Netflix

15th December 2018
Freeform being shady towards SH during ToyStory with pop up facts
Christmas baubles by @BoomBitchesSH arrived at Hulu

16th December 2018
Freeform apologises
Christmas baubles by @BoomBitchesSH arrived at CBC

17th December 2018
PostCardRush 2
Shadow Stocking sent to Constantin Film
Christmas baubles by @BoomBitchesSH arrived at Freeform

18th December 2018
Christmas baubles by @BoomBitchesSH arrived at Amazon

20th December 2018
Christmas baubles by @BoomBitchesSH arrived at CBS
Christmas baubles by @BoomBitchesSH arrived at Sony

21st December 2018
Accidentally new casting announcement for the role of Aline Penhallow

22th December 2018
Christmas baubles by @BoomBitchesSH arrived at Constantin Film

24th December 2018
ShadowFam Rewind (achievments 2018)

25th December 2018
Donation to FELGTB

28th December 2018
Shadowhunters marked “The CW” in a video of ET

6th January 2019
New official promo poster
#ShadowhuntersPosterChallenge started by @NephilimUpdates

7th January 2019
#SHTVFlockToUnlock started by
@BasicShadowStuff, @ShumdarioNews & @BaneandLewis
SHTVFlockToUnlock: Katherine McNamara

8th January 2019
#PostItHunt (started by @BoomBitchesSH)

9th January 2019
Start #FireMessageHunt by @ShadowfamD

14th January 2019
#SHTVFlockToUnlock: Alberto Rosende

18th January 2019
#SHTVFLockToUnlock: Tessa Mossey

21st January 2019
#SHTVFLockToUnlock: Dominic Sherwood

25th January 2019
#SHTVFlockToUnlock: Luke Baines

28th January 2019
#SHTVFlockToUnlock: Harry Shum Jr

30th January 2019
Announcement for 3B trailer on @ShadowhuntersTV

31st January 2019
Drop of 3B trailer: Watched over 1mio times in just a week

01st February 2019
#SHTVFlockToUnlock: Anna Hopkins

04th February 2019
#SHTVFlockToUnlock: Jade Hassouné

8th February 2019
#SHTVFlockToUnlock: Sydney Meyer

11th February 2019
#SHTVFlockToUnlock: Isaiah Mustafa
Start of 3B Promo in LA (by @BoomBitchesSH)

12th February 2019
Start of 3B Promo Billboard (by @BoomBitchesSH and @IconicNephilim)
#SHTVFlockToUnlock: Jack Yang

14th Feburary 2019
Drop of Jace Sneak Peek
Drop of Malec Sneak Peek
Valentine letters by @notsilentsis

15th February 2019
#SHTVFlockToUnlock: Nicola Correia-Damude
Shadowhunters bench found in NY Central Park. According to Todd it was Kat’s and Harry’s idea

18th February 2019
#SHTVFlockToUnlock: Emeraude Toubia

20th February 2019
#SHTVFlockToUnlock: Kimberly-Sue Murray
Jade Hassouné Takeover at @BasicShadowStuff: #BasicJadeStuff

21st February 2019
Start of #Shadowbikes by @BoomBitchesSH

22nd February 2019
#SHTVFlockToUnlock: David Castro

23rd February 2019
Start of Madrid Billboard by @Wckd_mdz

24th February 2019
#SHTVFlockToUnlock: Darren Swimmer

15th March 2019
Start of Billboard in Munich by @notsilentsis

17th March 2019
Exclusive episode stills project #ShadowStillBsAs by @TMI_BaAs

1st April 2019
Start of floor poster in Berlin by @ShadowfamD

16th April 2019
Chocolate eggs sent to Constantin Film by @ShadowfamD

18th April 2019
Billboard in Düsseldorf/Germany by @notsilentsis

22nd April 2019
#EasterWeen event by @ShadowfamD

4th May 2019
Billboard in Times Square by @BoomBitchesSH

6&7th May 2019
#ThankYouShadowhunters letters to cast/crew/fandom (organised by @ShadowfamD)

22nd&23rd June 2019
The Hunters of Shadow.be Convention in Brussels, Belgium

25th June 2019
“We’re not going anywhere” poster and spot at McD close to CF

29&30th June 2019
The Hunters of Shadow 3 Convention in Paris, France

12-14th July 2019
The Italian Institute 3 Convention in Milan, Italy

27&28th July 2019
The Korean Institute Convention in Seoul, Korea

25th August 2019
Start of #ShadowfamForAmazon

10th September 2019
Kansas Billboard “#FreeShadowhunters” by @ShadowSlayers1

16th September 2019
#ShadowfamForAmazon ended. 300€ donated to Ranforest Alliance by @ShadofamD

5&6th October 2019
PandemoniumCon 2 Convention in London, UK

23&24th November 2019
Darkshade Con Convention in Brussels, Belgium


01st December 2019
Start of Winter Donation Giveaway by @ShadowfamD