Weekly Summary 07

11th February – 17th February

We’ll start off this week with birthdays again: Isaiah, Anna and Alberto!

Then we go on with lots of campaign content! Seriously. There was a lot this week!

Kat and Luke started the billboard hunt

And we had three FlockToUnlock posts this week!

This week also offered a lot of material! We got a new trailer, some sneak peeks and bloopers!

In addition to that we also got a small video of Matt and Harry

Also there were two interviews with Dom and one with Jade

Of course we were also blessed with material from behind the scenes which was mainly posted by Brian Hui. A big thanks to him!

Into the woods with @kat.mcnamara ! #shadowhunters
Why so serious?
Behind the scenes of #Shadowhunters Season 3B.

Did you know Kat and Luke were at the Teen Vogue event?

We also got a lovely picspam from our cast

I N S T A G R A M M Y S 😉@republicrecords in @zimmermann xx ✨
III-D by @kennyjamez
☝️ 📷 by @kennyjamez
Casual night w/ @kennyjamez & his lens.

And finally the links to all the press and media attention we got during this week (which is a lot and some of it might contain spoiler)


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