About us – #TeamAdmin


we are the team behind Neighbors of Idris and we call ourselves #TeamAdmin.

We created the team in the beginning of July, a month after Shadowhunters got cancelled by it’s network ‘Freeform’. Our connection was the wish to do more for the #SaveShadowhunters campaign from the German side.

How did we found? This is a quite funny story, because it started with a tweet about in which language German fans watch the series (most of them in English). After this tweet two of us came up with the crazy idea to start a German update account, because we had the feeling many German fans would miss information about the cancellation. We created a facebook group called #saveshadowhuntersDE and our twitter handle Neighbors of Idris @ShadowfamD. In case you didn’t know, Idris, the home of the Shadowhunters, is located between Germany, France and Switzerland. By now we also have an Instagram account @shadowfamd , a Youtube channel Neighbors of Idris and even Tumblr.
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As of now we are a group of 5 people between 26 and 44 who love the show and everything around. Let’s get to know us:


Robin Twitter: @r0binmon https://twitter.com/r0binmon
Lisa Twitter: @LuuucysView https://twitter.com/LuuucysView
Sarah Twitter: @DannieCiora https://twitter.com/DannieCiora
(Tina Twitter: @KristinaK8486 ://twitter.com/KristinaK8486 )
Jamie Twitter: @jamiem0n https://twitter.com/jamiem0n
Alex Twitter: @Alex69345600 https://twitter.com/Alex69345600


Kaylie Twitter: @Kyberry32
Nat Twitter: @OdeShadowhunter
Twitter: @lakritzwolf

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