Weekly Recap 1×04

Last week fans watched as the Shadowhunters rescued Simon from the vampires. This week all seems well and the hunt for Valentine still continues and yes, Magnus Bane is throwing a party. By making a trade with Magnus, will the Shadowhunters finally get the answers they have been looking for? Things turn sour rather quickly and something is going on with Simon. As Magnus and the others start to trade memories of their loved ones in an attempt to retrieve all of Clary’s, Alec let’s go because he fears the truth about his love for Jace is revealed. Jace gets caught in the crossfire of an angry demon leaving Clary, Izzy, and Alec panicked. With Clary’s memories being gone for good and Alec fretting over the memory everyone saw fans are left waiting to see what will come of Valentine and the cup. As normal everyone join the ShadowFam for the weekly adventures into the Shadow World.


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