PandemoniumCon 8/9 Dec ’18

Matt, Dom, Kat, Isaiah, Jade, Will

Hosted by Zarata Events

First of all, the location was a mess: It was too small for so many people but apparently Zarata Events couldn’t get another location due to late booking and the date. So they had to deal with not only too small space but also with the lack of a proper stage as well as difficuties with the microphones. Lisa, who was our host for that day gave her best to deal with that situation but it was really troublesome.
This also led to delays and in the end activities were switched or rescheduled because of all the problems. Still everything worked out in the end – more or less. The closing ceremony was completely cancelled and Isaiah and Jade had still been signing at 9pm while the whole even had officially ended at 6:30pm.

As you can see – the cast was wonderful. Not just Isaiah and Jade but all of them gave their best in this situation to give the fans a good time. There had been a welcome party, various panels, meet & greets and breakfast times to meet all of them.

Panel: Dom

Question1: What are your top 3 ships?
Dom answered “The Titanic” and went on thinking of ships when the crowd laughed before changing to the actual question. “Top 3. In order… Malec. Malec again. Okay. Sizzy. I will go with Sizzy. And then I’m gonna say Clace, I guess. Thank you very much.”

Question2: How long did it take you to learn an American accent for Jace?
“I’ve an American Accent?” he said before explaining it didn’t take him too long. Since he had already done three or four movies. Jace was born and raised in New York so he should sound like that. Matt helped Dom with it and he got a lot from his way of speaking. But in the end he only had three months to prepare for that role.

Question3: What’s going on in your future career?
He’s unfortunately not allowed to say anything. There is something in Germany he’s really excited about which is going to be revealed in spring. And there is another tv show he’s busy with right now. But that’s it with the information he can give.

Question4: Jace is obviously a good reader since he’s part of the book club. What are you currently reading and what’s Jace’s favorite book?
Before answering Dom cleared his throat. “What am I reading at the moment? I am not reading a book at the moment. I’m focused on the script for the things I have coming up in the future. So I’m re-reading and re-reading.” That’s it about him. “What would Jace’s favorite book be? I don’t know… There’s not a lot of reading going on in Jace’s book club. I don’t know. What would his favorite book be… Maybe Romeo and Juliet. That seems to be the sort of mimicking Jace’s love life. Like ‘Ah, it’s great – no, it sucks’”

Question5: What was the biggest mischief you did as a child?
Poor mom. I used to hide quite a lot. That was like my thing. I go into supermarkets and I’m free and I disappear.” And his mom would say something like ‘Again? I’m gonna leave you this time!’ “And I’m like ‘No, you won’t!’ I would just hide, get into the freezers in supermarkets. […] And people would be like: ‘There’s a child in here! What’s going on?’ and my mom would just say ‘Yeah, I’m sorry’. I used to do that a lot. That was pretty fun.”

Question6: What would Jace’s reaction to using bow and arrow be like?
“I can do this from a distance? Why have I been stabbed so many times? There’s someone over there.” He pretended to shoot an arrow. “Done. Why have I been messing around with a sword this whole time, getting that close to dangerous demons and whatever when I could just do-… Why is Alec the only one that gets one?! Even Izzy has a range weapon! She can do it with her whip from a distance. I’m the only idiot who has a sword” And he went on how stupid it was, since with bow and arrow he’d “die less”.

Question7: Do you have other tattoos than the ones visible?
“Yeah, I have a few” And he started mentioning all the tattoos, pointed on some, when a fan said: “I can’t see it!” on which Dom answered: “That’s by design” He also mentioned the angelic rune he has as well as the talent rune.

Question8: What’s Jace’s and your guilty pleasure?
“Clary. And mine is Malec.”

Question9: What’s the nicest thing someone has ever said to you or done for you?
“That’s really sweet.” He mentioned things done by girlfriends which he found really nice but also he says that they are not together anymore so there is no reason to “awww” about it.

Question10: How important are details to the show? (The shirt Alec and Magnus share was mentioned and it was asked whether it was the same shirt or two or more)
“I think specifically with that shirt… Harry is in ridiculous shape. And because Matt and Harry are in different shapes I think they had to… I think they wore two and one was tailored to Harry and the other to Matt. I don’t know. I’m very rarely in their costume meetings.” But they try to put as much detail in it as possible. So he mentions also a line from the book that made him playing with his stele all the time. This is also the reason why he broke so many.

Question11: What was your favorite Jace and Alec scene?
His favorite scene is the Parabatai Oath scene in episode 2×03 since it’s so beautifully written.

Question12: What will you miss the most about the show?
A big part of why he enjoyed the show so much was the crew and the cast. And he started explaining on how everything got started. “In the beginning of season 1 there was no studio. It was a warehouse.” It had been really dirty there and it was pretty old and everyone bonded through complaining about it. “The community we developed on there is probably what I’ll miss the most” He had also other jobs before but the community has never been like that.

Question13: If you could go back in time, what would Adult!Dominic tell Teen!Dominic? One advice.
“Don’t do that! Whatever it is, that’s you’re thinking, Teen!Dominic, don’t do it!”

Question14: What was the worst and best scene to film?
In season he broke his ankle through one of the scenes as they saved Simon. They got tackled by vampires and he broke his ankle. The moment itself wasn’t too bad but the six weeks after had been a pain. He walked on crutches the whole time until they started filming but tried to limit his walking through the scenes. Once he kicked a chair and forgot about his ankle and it had been really painful. But the cast and the crew were so lovely and looked after him.

Question15: What’s your favorite brotp on the show?
He mentioned that he should have said Alec and Jace according to other people. He got a lot of hate for not saying that. “Alec and Jace is not a brotp. It’s a Parabatai.” So he closed with “Jace and Simon”

Question16: Did you have training for being and archer in ‘Take Down’?
“We had three weeks of intensive archery training” He tried lots of different bows but he wasn’t allowed to use arrows. He then described a scene he actually was allowed to use an arrow. When he shot he messed up the take since he hit the target and was way too excited about it. Using a blade is much more fun he added.

Question17: Did you read any other books of Cassandra Clare? And if so which other character would you like to play?
“I just read the Mortal Instuments books. And even then I only read the first one and half of the second one.” He also explained the reason was that he wanted to stay true to the show character since he wasn’t casted for playing book Jace but show Jace. Obviously reading the books also confused him since Jaces last name changed too often. “I’m a Morgenstern… okay. …What’s a Herondale?” So he just read the scripts.

Question18: Which show would you like Shadowhunters to have a crossover with?
“From the point of view of Jace, Jace has a pretty rough time.” So he suggested a holiday show or the beach version of ‘Planet Earth’. No demons and the scariest things would be snakes.

Panel: Jade

Question1: Does he miss his cat when he’s gone?
Because he travels so much, Jade puts his cat in a cat hotel and he says he (the cat) hates him for it. When Jade returns home his cat is very nice and cute but then he finds out his cat does things like pee on his bed. Jade loves his cat a lot and wish he could take the cat with him on journeys.

Question2: What’s his favorite Meliorn scene?
Hasn’t aired yet (so 3B), he does love episode 10 of season 1 where Meliorn opens the portal for Jace and Clary because it’s the only time you see Meliorn’s magic and you see the Seelie World in a way you haven’t before. He loves scenes with Dom, says they’re always so much fun.
Season 2 episode 13, where Izzy, Raphael and Meliorn save Max, when Meliorn catches the knife it was always a dream of his to have a scene like that.

Question3: What’s his favorite quote from any characters?
Very hard question, again, one that hasn’t aired yet and he’s sure the fans will love it. Then he corrects himself says it was one that was cut out, a quote Meliorn says.
Jade was shocked when he saw the scene was cut but was happy the fans loved it either way and that it got a huge response. The scene was where Meliorn says to Raphael “All Shadowhunters look the same to me” and it continued something like Meliorn says “You still obviously care for her” and Meliorn says “My friend, don’t be sad because she doesn’t like you”, Jade wasn’t sure as it was a long time ago “be happy because she’ll be dead in sixty years”

Question4: His spirit animal?
The dolphin.

Question5: A fan says they have an ongoing argument in the family: Is the tattoo on Meliorns face a leaf or is it a green pepper?
Jade laughs, and says it’s a jalapeño. He says they joke about it as well but it’s supposed to be a leaf. They don’t have a saying in how the make up departure does those things and sometimes he wonders himself why things are a certain way. Jade himself would have been a fan of a maple leaf as an artist Cassandra Jean drew art of Meliorn with that design. He thinks the show wanted to be different. He likes the joke though.

Question6: If Jade could be any creature of the Shadow World which one would he be and why?
Jade says he would be a silent brother as it would be weird and cool, doing the whole training. He does love being a Seelie, and in his opinion Warlocks are the coolest and it would be an easy option.

Question7: Have you ever broken any props on set?
He doesn’t think he did. Jade says he broke his armour by using it in fights but he says Dom almost always breaks everything. He suggests asking Dom.

Question8: What can Jade tell the fans about “Love letter to a fandom”
It’s Jade’s is working on music, it’s gonna be his EP coming out in the spring. With the EP Jade wanted to find a way to keep everyone connected and because the fans have changed his life and allowed him to travel the world, and meet fan and friends everywhere, he wrote some songs and he wrote and did it all for the fans to share with him. He’s very excited about it all.

Question9: Where is he from?
Jade was born in Lebanon and lived in Switzerland when he was a baby until he was 4,5 years old, then he lived in Montreal, Canada and grew up there. He says he was a  French-Canadian child, that explains his slightly weird accent.

Question10: What is his favorite food?
Anything tomato sauce. He really loves it, the fan jokes “everything in Canada” and Jade laughs at that. He says he likes Pasta so much but he likes Japanese food a lot as well. And pineapples.

Question11: Did he take something from set?
He answers “Yeah” and everyone laughs and Jade says they all did it. Jade says when they wrapped the show he couldn’t take a lot of stuff as his bag was full from traveling so much before, so he took the gloves from his armour, and he took a dagger which will appear in Season 3b , where apparently everyone has a dagger. He says he didn’t take the real dagger but he took the plastic replica. Jade would have loved to take some outfits from other characters as his own only wore about two different ones.

Question12: A fan asked if he can show them a sneak peek from the EP.
Music gets played. Jade will try to email out Newsletter for news of the process of the EP.

Question13: Jade is translating a French speaking fan’s question: How did the role of Meliorn help his career?
It takes a whole cycle to do a role and then come back to you before he gets offered other roles because of that role. Jade said he’s still waiting for that but what he does have are a lot of friends who create series and they wrote stuff for him. But what mostly happened is his life changed because of the fans.
Jade said people offering him new jobs consider the fans (the amount of fans he brings with him) when he applies for a role. He says the music is gonna change it too since the people will want him on the show because of what he’s doing (producing and creating music). Usually actors want to be hired and tell the showmakers “please hire me I want to do the job” for him it’s the other way around, he’s convinced that you have to focus on your own vision and get inspired and then the career will grow and people will come to you offering roles because of what you got going on which is special in his opinion. Jade is very open about saying sometimes he reads a script and straight out saying “no, I don’t want to do this” He admits he says “no” to a lot of things that don’t spark an interest.

Question14: What’s Jade’s favorite Buffy episode and how is he feeling about the re-launch?
Jade lists his top three episodes and he’s excited about Joss Wheedon doing it and open minded about the new idea behind it but he hopes she will be her own (Buffy again) and that it’s set in the future

Question15: Who was Jade’s favorite character to work opposite?
Jade says Jace because of the bantering between them and their whole “I shouldn’t like you, but I like you” attitude.

Question16: Did Meliorn feel guilty when branding Simon (with the mark of Cain)?
It felt odd because Meliorn pretended like he never met these people and to Jade it was weird. Jade says the Queen forced him to do it and he thinks Meliorn liked putting the mark there.

Question17: If Jade would be cast in the new Buffy show who would he want to be?
Jade says he would love to be Spike but Luke would probably suit him more. He’d be like to be a male Will.

Question18: Would Jade return (to Shadowhunters) and could Meliorn return?
Jade would definitely return, and he says the fans have to wait and see.

Question19: Who is Jade’s favorite cast member?
He says he loves everyone and he loves to bring people together. Jade says Alberto and him are very close and Dom and him as well.

Question20: What was Jade’s first thought when he first read about Meliorn?
His first thought was “oh my god that’s me” and he got goosebumps. Jade admits he had no idea what the show was when he got the email about the audition, he auditioned for Alaric, then Raphael. He says he thought it was a cop show when he read about it but when he googled it and read more, he got very excited when he saw people getting announced for the roles like Kat and Dom and felt like they would be his friends (and it came true like he thought), Jade says he auditioned for Meliorn 3 times. When Jade saw the (original) Meliorn art he instantly knew that’s him. At the end of season 1 they told Jade they had been actually looking for a tall, blonde, blue-eyed Meliorn.

Question21: What happens with Meliorn after the visit to the Seelie court?
Jade quickly sums up Season 3A saying “Clary is dead” (a fan yelling “obvious thing”), “Lilith exploded” , “Jonathan is sort of, kind of there” “the Seelies got wiped out”, obviously not Meliorn as he happens to be on mission anytime something like that happens.

Panel: Isaiah & Jade

Sadly due to troubles with either the microphone, not really getting what was said or just not hearing it because it was quite loud at times we couldn’t write down the full panel.

Each person who wanted to ask a question had to pick a number and got a Shadowhunter name from Isaiah and Jade. They even had small stories to tell about the name and origin which was really entertaining. We didn’t include it here though because it was really a lot.

First they were asked about Lola about whom Jade said how sweet, skilled and mature she is.

Question2: Which was your favorite tv show (aside from Shadowhunters)?
Jade: “I love ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’”
Isaiah: “A cartoon called ‘The Venture Brothers’”

Question3: What’s your favorite thing about playing downworlders?
Isaiah: “We’re like outlaws. Like ‘Are they the bad guys? Or are they actually the good guys?’”
Jade: “Yeah, it’s cool to play the outsiders.”
They also mentioned that it feels like the normal people compared to the Shadowhunters with all the rules. And even if there is a war between all of them – if there’s something important they come together. It’s also about not caring about the Shadowhunters and their elitist way of thinking.
Isaiah: “The downworlders are the coolest. It’s true. Look at Magnus Bane. You can’t tell me he’s not the coolest person on the show!”

Question4: If you could go back in time, where would you go?
Isaiah: “I don’t know if I’d go back to the past. There are things in the past that better stay in the past. So I might go a week into the future. Not too far.”
Jade: “I have two answers. One – I’d like to be in the 60s. Two – I want to go pre-flood. So I’d like to go Atlantis times.”

Question5: How long have your characters been in certain ‘friendships’ with members of the Lightwood family?
They first talked about how the actual timeline in the show is just way too short. Everything happens in just about two months (78 days). And Jade explains that it was a longer time since in the beginning they already had the relationship established.
Isaiah: “Maryse and Luke have a friendship that also evolved from personal loss.”
They both had to go through turbulent times which is why they grew closer together.
Jade: “This is one of the cool things. The differences between books and the show.”
Isaiah: “Yeah, I like the reasons why the people come together like that because that’s real. That’s how it works in life. You meet other people and you come together and help each other through tough times. That’s what the show is about: Real life situations in this supernatural setting”

Question6: What’s your Hogwarts house and what’s your Patronus?
Jade: “I’m a Hufflepuff. But I went to the studio tour in October and I… was a Ravenclaw. And I think I have a Unicorn [as Patronus]”
Isaiah: “I don’t have a choice actually. Because my wife is a huge Harry Potter fan and I married into Gryffindor. I’d choose the owl. Wisdom. My house is like all Harry Potter. That’s all there is. The wifi is named Hogwarts. Also all the mugs in my house are Harry Potter mugs.”
Jade: “Do you remember the first video game? I was watching a random video with it. The graphics were awful.”

Question7: It was a rather long question about the Seelie Realm and how things are working there, and also how they acted as Seelies, whether they knew about all secrets there or were just following the scripts without really thinking about it.
First of all Jade mentioned that we will see much more of it in the upcoming episodes. He also said that they don’t necessarily have backstories or more information about characters. So they come up with it. The stories are going on in their minds and since they always say something twisty it fits with their story.
They both also confirm that everything on the set is real. The trees and plants are all there and not CGI.
Isaiah: “For me it’s always like bowing down because I’m always getting yelled at by the Seelie Queen. Everytime I set a foot in the Seelie Realm I’m getting told off. For Luke it’s frustrating because he knows her double talk”

Question8: If you would switch roles in the way Luke becomes a Seelie and Meliorn is a Werwolf. What would you do?
Jade: “I would run through the fields and into the woods and just run and run and run and run. As a wolf.
Isaiah: “Well……… you know you’ll be naked, right?”
Jade: “…we all remember that”
Isaiah: “And now that I’m you… I would bring flowers to Isabelle Lightwood.”
Jade: “That’s sweet. Why did I never do that?”
Isaiah: “You have all the flowers in the world!”
But they agreed on the fact that a fire message to break up is like a text message and it wouldn’t turn out well. Jade also mentioned that there are fanarts out their were they switched all the roles and they think those are pretty cool.

Question9: Will the Downworlders come together for a council again?
Isaiah: “I don’t think so. I think everyone is now split up and trying to get together.”
It’ll be pretty hard through 3B and everything is quite messed up.
Jade: “Whoever is in charge is trying to get everyone together…”
But in the end it’s not really possible due to what is happening.
Isaiah: “But that brings us to David Castro who is just the worst in making you laugh. And if Harry starts laughing it gets out of control.”
They started telling about a scene during the Downworlder meeting. They needed a close up shot of everyone but they all were just giggling and laughing and so they messed up the takes. And Isaiah tried to keep his head down but this way they couldn’t film.
Isaiah: “That’s why there won’t be more scenes. They are like ‘Keep them apart!’”

Question10: If you could control an element, which one would you like to control and why?
Jade: “Is… spirit an element in this realm?”
Isaiah: “I know what Matt and Dom would say. They’d say wind.”
Jade: “But you know what? I would say wind. Based on… it’s effect on all the other elements. You can lift yourself. You can manipulate the air, the water in the air,…”
Isaiah: “You can also blow out fire or make fire bigger”
Jade: “Yeah, so I’d be air”
Isaiah: “Since he chose air I will choose another one. Water…”

Question11: If you could bring a new creature to the Downworld, what would it be?
Isaiah: “I would say a centaur. Half human, half horse”
Jade: “I would have to say zombies but they already exist. The forsaken are like zombies… I mean I know mermaids are already a part of the fairies… Definitely something with wings. That we didn’t see”
Isaiah: “Yeah, Downworlders with wings…”
But in the end they agree that unicorns would also be nice.

Panel: Matt

Question1a: To settle a family argument… Why did Alec ran back to Magnus in 2×20? To get help from him or to protect him?
“Well well well… There is a written down truth in the script that described why he was running back. But it depends on your understanding and your believe in how important the script is for you. Either answer works for you if that is the answer you like it to be. And I won’t settle this discussion. I think it’s good to keep this discussion going.”

Question1b: Do you think Alec Lightwood is that kind of character who has a instinct of protecting people he loves?
“Are you going to use this as a way to then prove your point [the argument]? I would say that Alec Lightwood as a character, both is interested in helping others and protecting them, and is interested in seeking help in the protection of others.”

Question2: I have two questions… Who’s your favorite Queen member? And Alec shoot in very short ranges with his arrow. Why does he do that and isn’t it inefficient?
“Okay, I love your two part question, both questions totally unrelated. Freddie Mercury is my favorite member, because there’s an obvious reason for that. The reality is that Freddie Mercury was the heart and soul of the band, he was the performer, the face. Alec Lightwood is a performer, he is the face of the New York Institute. He’s not gonna run around without his signature item, just as Freddie has his voice and his moves, Alec Lightwood has his bow and his stubbornness. And if you combine stubbornness with the possession and the use of a bow you may end up using a bow and shoot in short range combat. Is it inefficient, yes of course it is! Does it make no sense, yes of course it does, but there’s a million other things what Alec does that doesn’t make sense. But he is stubborn, he’s continuing using that damn bow in short ranges and he’s going to fire it from three, four, five feet away and it doesn’t matter and he’s not gonna pull out that sword because he’s not carrying it anymore cause why is he’s gonna carry something that Jace is using? The bow is HIS and there’s no argument, that’s the answer.”

Question3: When does AU!Alec finds out that AU!Magnus is a warlock?
“Interesting fact about AU!Alec. There actually are only two although there are many alternate universes, an infinite number, there are only two Alec. One Alec we all know and love from the majority of the episodes and then there is the version we saw in the AU!episode. All the other alternate universes are only populated by those two Alecs which makes Alec so unusual in the multiverse. With unusual quality – super weird. Alec, because of this infinite source of knowledge knows already that he is in fact a warlock. He knows. And so his little routine, that cat and mouse game he was playing in that episode… he knew. And that was his way of playing coy because he knew where he was going with that. That made any… sense?”

Question4: As AU!Alec is a party planner, what would he do for AU!Magnus’ birthday?
(after Matt complaining about the obsession with AU!Alec) “What? You think Alec couldn’t plan a party? It would just be a very sincere party. There would maybe be no costumes: ‘Come dressed well’. There will be three different kinds of alcohol served, there’ll be four kinds of hors d’oeuvre. No, he’s not that rule oriented. That’s ridiculous what I just said. It would be in a basement and no shirts allowed.”

Question5: Todd teased that there was going to be a Malec dance scene. Can you tell us anything about it?
“Who said that? Todd? A Malec dance scene? Ridiculous. What kind of lies are being spread online? I can think of so many… A dance scene between Alec and Magnus. Ludacris. Nonsense. How would that even work? How could I… ME… the person who plays Alec possibly dance with Harry or Magnus? I would have to look like a complete buffoon, how would they even allow such a thing? How would they tolerate it? How would YOU tolerate it? How would you witness that and not avert your eyes? It’s like watching… what’s an example of someone at the top of their game? Lebron Janes playing basketball against 2 year olds… I mean would it be funny? It’d be hilarious but also you’d avert your eyes at times. And that’s what would happen… I think sometimes lies have a little truth. We’ll see.”

Question6: Imagine Jace is not your parabatai. Would you still choose him or someone else?
“Okay, so under the circumstances and situation in which Alec Lightwood does not have a parabatai yet he is in the age where it starts in the series and he must choose a parabatai who does choose? No, it doesn’t make sense. The question doesn’t work because it’s ridiculous. He would still spend time with Jace under the same exact conditions as though that Jace was his parabatai and so he would still choose Jace as his parabatai and he would have wondered why he hadn’t done it ten years before. And given the situation that he doesn’t know Jace he wouldn’t even know how to choose Jace as his parabatai. So Jace is the only option, unfortunately.”

Question7: Not really a question but a Fan says “A massive massive Thank You for what you’ve done. You’ve done so much. And you were the best damn Alec we could ever have.” Kiss-Marry-Kill game with Harry, Kat and Dom.
“Are you playing the Kiss-Marry-Kill game with me three real existing colleagues? I’m not gonna answer this question.”

Question8a: Imagine Magnus has to transfer to Greenwich and become High Warlock of Greenwich/London.. What would you do? Would you let him go or would you want him to stay?
“First of all, what is the concept of time and distance to a warlock? We know he could create a portal anytime wants. The reality is that his house, when he had two, he would create a portal in the middle of it. And when he comes home he walks back and forth and like the kitchen could be cut in half for all that and he could wander between, half of it is in London and half of it is in New York.”

Question8b: But he doesn’t have magic now.
“So he has to get on a plane for this long distance travel thing, you know it’s only a six hour flight. And I think one of the best versions of growing you can do in a relationship, especially early on is to work with that distance that provides you a lot of things, emotionally, teaching you certain skills. Very useful. And at the same time… No, that’s ridiculous! Magnus is living by himself in London? Where is Alec this whole time, is he living in Idris, in New York? Are you trying to seperate them? Not happening, not gonna work!”

Question8c: But what if Magnus really wanna go?
“What, he really wants to go? He’s flying every week! That’s ridiculous he’s gonna get a plane, it’s not the end of the world! It’s not like he’s… going to… Edom or something.”

Question8d: What would you do to surprise him?
“Okay, okay, so… I think what we’re looking for… Is this happening to you right now? And you’re looking for advice? I would recommend Skype and dirty phone calls, texts. Very useful. Go to Amazon and let deliver something to their house… You know all the sweet nothings, like reading books together. What did you read, what chapter did you read, delightful little things like that. That’s my advice.”

Question9: When you were studying did you think about being an actor?
“No, not really. You having to get jobs and we all choose to do these jobs because you love it. We sometimes get jobs where we’re lucky enough we want to do, sometimes we do jobs we can tolerate. And in case of economics, I like economics, I like economic studies. In this case I was actually also studying finance. This career wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do on long term and once I realized that acting was what I loved doing and it became obvious that it was the only choice even if it meant that I had to work on other jobs I don’t wanna work in the meantime.”

Question10: What did fish never look? (Matt told the answer the day before)
“Sad…? Oh, unhappy. Sad and unhappy are two different things, right? And if that really was my answer yesterday, that they never look unhappy I think I will change my answer now to sad. Especially those with their weird faces. And now you might disagree but I’m doing this for Dom’s benefit, because honestly I think he looks like a fish. But you can ask me tomorrow and I might say Dom looks like a horse, I don’t know. I’m just going day by day”

Question11: Where would you like to see Malec at the end of it all in case we don’t get saved?
“This is such a common question, but not in a negative way. I never have an answer on that because sometimes it’s already difficult to say ‘What do I want with my life?’. A million grad children, a little farm on the countryside and I have dogs… I have no idea but I want Malec to be happy but I don’t know how they could be and if you know the answer please tell me. What would make people happiest on the long run? Write a book, because if you nailed it, a lot of us would buy that book. So whatever makes them happiest.”

Question12: Is there some place where you and Esther haven’t been yet and want to go to?
“Oh, so many places. We have a list. I was lucky to have much time off during Shadowhunters and we could travel a lot. Central Asia, Poland, Scandinavia, Spain, Germany, Korea so many countries on the list. As long as you have beer and food we come there”

Panel: Kat

First Kat wanted to thank all the fans for the positivity and energy. It’s the best environment to be in and every time she’s coming to cons constantly astounded by each and everyone of you. So thank you guys. Lots of Awws and applause for Kat.

Question1: It was about Brother Zacharia (silent brother) in season 3a and his backstory.
It’s interesting because they didn’t get really inside this story very much and she didn’t read the book either. Because as she started the show she only wanna know what Clary knows and what her story was. Kat didn’t want to be informed because Clary is not informed. She only know bits of this story. (Kat got the advice to bring tissues if she wanna read it )

Question2: Is Kat in more episodes of Arrow and who is her fav actor on Arrow to work with?
Kat explained she hadn’t worked with so many actors on Arrow until now. She shot 2 episodes back to back. She said they’re all so lovely, so she got invited to the premiere party where everyone watches the first episode of the season and they were all very welcoming. She was also welcomed by the fandom as well (part of the SH fans are also Arrow fans). The Arrow fandom is similar to the SH fandom. She hadn’t worked with Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) until now. Then Kat shared a lovely story with Stephen: She was on set for fitting and make up and Stephen Amell shot a fight scene that day and he was covered in stuff and he obviously had a really hard day and somebody told him Kat is in her trailer and he jumped out of his chair, came over and said “Hi“ to her and he had a long conversation with her. He is a great and amazing guy. The fan pointed out Kat’s episode is coming that week and Kat said: “Check it out if you wanna see a different side and me blonde“

Question3: Did Kat keep something from the set now as Shadowhunters has ended?
“Actually yes. I did not steal anything. I only took things I was allowed to or things given to me.“
A set of Clary’s daggers, her holster, a stele, a few wardrobe pieces. The sweetest gift she got from the camera crew (she know them since day 1/season 1, episode 1). It was a wooden modeling dummy (in Clary’s room) and the whole camera crew signed it and it’s now in her room. Kat really got so emotional.

Question4: Is Kat in the alternate universe/crossover episodes of Arrow (Arrowverse)?
Kat would love to be, but she is not in the crossover episode.

Kat loved the shirt of the fan, because it’s said: Animal Expert and Kat said: “I’m also an animal expert now because of Matt Daddario.“ Much laughters in the audience.

Question5: Kat told in the interview Maya (Arrow) and Clary are really different. Is there something they have in common?
They both kickass women covered in tattoos. Also the sense of fearlessness but in a different sense. Clary has hope and is passionate because she believes in the beauty of the people. Maya grew up in a different way, in a very dark and harsh world and she is a survivor. She has a sense of fearlessness of survival. She has to fight or even kill to survive.

Question6: Do you have a bucket list?
“My bucket list is a mile long.”
1. Kat is irish and swiss and she wants to visit the town her family comes from to see where she comes from.
2. Kat wants to learn another language.
3. Kat wants to see as much of the world as she can, because everytime you travel and meet new people you learn so much and you make experiences that changes your perspective so much

Question7: Any movie she wanna play in?
1. IT Chapter 3, because of Isaiah. She loves Pennywise (anything Stephen King)
2. Star Wars
3. Different genres, something she hadn’t done, she didn’t want to put herself in a box and wanted to do as many different things like comedy recently
4. Maybe back to theater

Question8: What kind of superhero she wanna be and what kind of power she gonna have?
Of course in a movie she wanna fly and have the cool stuff, but she really wanna have the power of healing.

Question9: What is Kat’s signature weapon?
Of course you can have daggers (like Clary), but she likes boxing and her signature weapons would be her hands (for boxing). She wanna use both hands.

Question10: How did Clary feel waking up Valentine?
She loves that episode, because she loves Alan van Sprang (Valentine) and she loves to shot with him. She hadn’t the opportunity to shot a lot with him because of Jocelyn and he was hiding (always with other people). She learned so much of him. As an actor watching him work is a masterclass. That shooting day was her birthday and it was the best birthday present ever.
But it was very difficult, because Clary was on her own and she was completely ok with dying at that point. She wants to save Jace and she had to stand up against Valentine.

Question11: Any musician she wants to collaborate with?
Probably Halsey. She loves the songs and the lyrics (how she writes) and the emotions she puts into her music. Every song is so relatable and specific and powerful.

Question12: How was it to film Maze Runner and Shadowhunters?
“It‘s a completely different animal“ Completely different experience. In a series you don’t have so much time to shot so many takes. But they had such a great cast and crew and it worked out so good. Maze Runner was different, it was in the middle of the desert, dust blowing in their faces. Their base camp was in South Africa at the beach. It was so beautiful. The director Wes Ball had like a puzzle map in his head. She watched him sitting in front of the screen and saw the puzzle came together. But she enjoyed both things.

Question13: Who would Clary date if Jace and Simon weren’t there?
“I would say Maia“ “It’s difficult to answer that question in any seriousness, because the thing is Shadowhunters only love once and Simon is her best friend. And yes she loves Simon, but Jace and Clary are made for each other.“ She also added it was an interesting journey for Jace and Clary and there was this electricity and they are drawn to each other and we will see more of that in 3B. And yes it was a teaser

Question14: Which rune would Kat create in real life?
Kat would call it the “Mary Poppins rune“ just like a adulting rune to get everything done in life.

Question15: What if Clary never knew she was a Shadowhunter?
Kat thinks that there would always be a part missing in Clary’s life. She thinks Clary would be happy, Simon and her are best friends and maybe Clary would became an artist. But there would be a part that wasn‘t settled and didn’t feel right. She is a born Shadowhunter and that is what she is, without it she never would be complete.

Question16: What is Kat’s fav movie?
The Princess bride, Gilda (movie from the 1940s), The Usual Suspects

Question17: Since Clary lives in Brooklyn, what is Kat fav place to eat in Brooklyn?
Kat has only been to Brooklyn a couple of times and only for work and she sadly never was there to eat. She would tell us her fav place to eat in New York but it closed. It was near where she used to live. It was a little french restaurant with the best smashed potatoes. When she worked in Broadway she walked by there every day.

The next questions was interrupted by Matt Daddario who walked in.
It was about the PCA’s and Kat’s comedy costar who presented her the award and it was so fun.


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