Weekly Summary 01

31st December – 6th January

And here it is – our first weekly summary of what happened during the last days. Since we had the New Year holidays in between there were quite a lot of photos and tweets. Also we had Matt Hastings answering lots of questions on Friday.

But lets go back to the first days of the week.
On 31st December we got a big surprise from Matt and his wife Esther who had celebrated their first anniversary!


Also we had another photo of Harry and pregnant Shelby in which Harry even tagged the baby. Absolutely lovely!


But since we had the start of a new year, let’s have a look at some photos and tweets for 2019. We have Harry in the snow…

“Hibernation is almost complete. Thank you for a year to remember. A phenomenal 12 months with experiences beyond my wildest dreams. Celebrating the end of year with natural confetti! Thanks for the memories 2018! #HappyNewYear”

And Alberto who started his new year in Berlin/Germany…

“Kicking #2019 off right! #HappyNewYear”

Chai gave us a tweet and some photos…

“Happy New Year EVERYBODY! May your year be filled with love, laughter, good health & lots of friends and family time! The things that matter the most! ❤️❤️”

Sydney left a message as well…

And Kat had some fun with friends. She celebrated new year with Will and Matt Nalton…

“Ringing in 2019 with these dapper gents! #HappyNewYear to one and all! 🥂💋🎇”

But that’s not all Kat had for us this week. Here are three more photos she surprised us with.

“Happiest of birthdays to this ray of sunshine @rickywhittle! So thrilled our paths continue to cross! Enjoy your day, my dear! Featuring the ever lovely @nathalieemmanuel”
” Dear 2019,
“Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have tea first?” ❦✧➳
– Alice in Wonderland”

Nuno de Salles blessed us with this lovely photo of Dom


A nice surprise has been Jade who had been answering a few messages in his instagram story. You can see everthing in this video we put together for you:

During their vacation in Hong Kong a lucky fan met Matt and Esther and took a photo with them.


And here, have a look at all the BTS photos we got to see:


As a small ‘surprise’ we got a new promo poster today…

Last but not least… we have Harry and Kat who attended the Golden Globes:


If you’re also interested in some Shadowhunters press stuff, have a look at this:

We hope we didn’t miss too much and covered the most. Have a nice Monday. See you next time for our Weekly Summary!


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