#HiatusCalendar – Actions from Germany

Here we would like to inform you about our bigges project for the #SaveShadowhunters campaign. By the end of August we thought a lot about what to do from our side, from Germany, since we have Constantin Film here in Germany and after all they are the company who holds the rights for our Series. So we were thinking about posters, ads on subways or busses, car trailer ads and more.
Our final thoughts about that: ads in Germany are incredibly expensive and there is no way we could have raised the money for that.

Thinking about the length of the hiatus which was until 3B we didn’t know for how long exactly we would have to keep everything going but it would have been about 9 months. We counted the weeks and came up with our weekly calendar which was inspired by an advents calendar were you could get something daily, just that we would send out things weekly.
Every week we wanted to remind Constanting Film of the fact, that we are still here and fighting and we still want a new home for our show.
Lots and lots of ideas were floating around in our HQ what to send them and we created a spreadsheet with all our plans, when to send it, what to send, the costs for everything.
And in the end this is what we sent to Munich since the beginning of September:

With 16 weeks this was our biggest project for the campaign.
But since the air date of 3B will be soon (25th February Freeform USA, 26th February Netflix International) we decided to leave it by that. We hope all these small things make the heads of Constantin Film rethinking their choices and make them give us a 4th season of Shadowhunters.


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