Weekly Summary 03

14th January – 20th January

Let’s start this week with the squad posted by Isaiah


Also Nuno blessed us with a new/old photo of Alberto


We also got two new interviews with Kat

And a bit more of our gorgeous Kat

But not only Kat, also Sydney is slaying it

And Sydney with her new cute friend

Sydney also has been live on Instagram. Have a look at her video for some nice teasers and a good talk.

An amazing surprise was Jade’s announcement of his artist name as a musician:

Alberto is engaging in reading for Disney’s project: #MagicOfStorytelling and you can, too!

After being that active before Matt H invited us to ask questions

And do you remember the photo of Magnus Harry posted before? Isaiah posted his photo as Luke from the same shoot


Now let’s move over to more show related content. Every day Todd posts his countdown to 3B by writing a short summary of the season 2 episodes…

Did you know we are doing the same on twitter? Power hours are back and each day from 8-9pm German time we post summaries of all Shadowhunters episodes!
German only, though. Sorry
Check it out here!

What you all have waited for… of course we have lots and lots of BTS stuff…


Finally we’d also like to present you the tweets from Dom. He uses social media so rarely. This was a nice surprise. That is why we’d like to share them with you as well.

And as always here are the press articles of the last week:


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