Weekly Summary 02

07th January – 13th January

This week again a lot of things were going on. Let’s start with a beautiful surprise we got from Kat:

And we also got a short Q&A with Anna

Another nice surprise was the photo of the PCAs we got from Todd. The famdom did so well to support the cast and the crew this way.

Did you know that at the moment there are many more things going on to support the show and the #SaveShadowhunters campaign?
First of all we have #SHTVFlockToUnlock. The first post was revealed.

Another thing that’s going on is the #PostItHunt. Write down the new air date of Shadowhunters and stick the post it somewhere to be read by others. Don’t forget to add “recycle me”.

The third thing going on is the #FireMessageHunt presented by us. Join by sending us your address. You will then get some notes on which you write a small message for CF. When done you send the chain mail on to the next person in row. Over 80 fans worldwide already joined! For more details read the following thread.

This is a great opportunity to engage in the campaign! So many things going on. And @BoomBitchesSH has prepared another promo campaign next to the #ShadowhuntersPosterChallenge by @NephilimUpdates we talked about before.

But let’s go on with our summary. We have Kat who went to a premiere. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

Talking about looking gorgeous: Harry went to the Critics Choice Awards with the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” winning an award for Best Comedy.

Also as a short throwback Jade shared some photos and videos of the Oscar’s night in Toronto he had the posibility to go to. Have a look at who else was there…

We all know about “Crazy Rich Asians”. Look at what surprise Harry had…

Though it was a bit late Will also joined the new year’s posts and presented us a photo of him looking fabulous as always.


But it was not only Will who blessed us with a photo of himself. Here are some more of our amazing cast.


This is not all from the cast, though. We also got so see so many BTS photos!
Some of them showing 3B, some others the seasons before. But we’re very grateful for all the little teases and spoilers.


It’s not a bit over one month until the air date and media is blowing up again from all the fan actions and reviews for the last seasons. So last but not least, here are the press articles you might have missed. Of course you can find all links here as well.

And that’s it for this week. Please let us know how you like our weekly summaries and whether you want us to go on with them or not, in the comments, or on our twitter or instagram.


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