First Post – A look back

Welcome to our WordPress.

Happy New Year!

From this year on we will also give you updates here. We planned to give you weekly information, a summary of everything that happened during the week. This will contain cast updates, campaign updates, teasers, spoilers and other things that are related to Shadowhunters.
In addition to that, we’d like this blog to be some kind of directory in which you can look for different things, may it be press articles, convention information and more.

Also we planned some more things for you of which one
– we don’t want to spoil too much yet – will be a podcast we’re trying to create.
But before starting with new things, let’s have a look back at what happened during 2018.

When Freeform announced the cancellation on 5th June it just took one day for the Shadowfam to start their campaingn. Another four days later the fundraising for Trevor Project was started and is now at over $23,000.
Even more money was raised also through ShadowMerch, which was a project to sell fanmade merchandise for charity.

Next to charity there were worldwide actions to save the show which also made it into various media worldwide:

  • Shadowhunters Plane flying over Netflix HQ
  • Billboard at New York Times Square
  • Campaign Book: Love makes us stronger (also given to cast and crew)
  • Billboards in Seoul subways
  • Pedicabs at San Diego Comic Con (on which Jack Yang took a ride in full Asmodeus costume)
  • SaveShadowhunters Cupcakes were sent to the cast
  • Billboard in Toronto (visited by David Castro and Ariana Williams)
  • Shadowhunters cook book
  • Fan actions in Buenos Aires
  • Customized M&M’s were sent to Constantin Film in Munich
  • Certificates of stars named after the campaign and the Shadowfam given to the cast
  • Busses in London
  • International #ShadowhuntersCrafts project
  • Various rewatch parties
  • Fan actions in São Paulo
  • #Run4Shadowhunters
  • Ads at New York Comic Con (with Katherine McNamara showing up)
  • #ShadoweenWeek
  • Photo project #ShadowhuntersInternational

This is only a part of what the fans have done. Next to these things lots of small presents sent to Netflix, Hulu, Freeform, Constantin Film, Amazon and many more, and over 19 Mio. tweets have been posted with the hashtag #SaveShadowhunters.

But not only did the Famdom start that many actions but the fans also made Shadowhunters and its cast win various awards:

Teen Choice Awards
– Shadowhunters as Choice fantasy sci-fi TV show
– Matthew Daddario as Choice fantasy sci-fi actor

People’s Choice Awards
– The Show 2018
– The Bingeworthy Show
– Katherine McNamara as The Female TV Star
– Harry Shum Jr. as The Male TV Star
All of these awards were won by write-in votes.

Now, as you can see the last year was very busy and full of action. The #SaveShadowhunters campaign was the biggest campaign to save a show with lots of ups and downs. There have been lots of struggles, lots of fightings but also lots of growth.
The Famdom grew together so much, loved so much and spread positivity.

This is also a reason for us to keep all of this going. This is why we created this blog. To keep you updated and to share our love for the show, the cast, the crew and the Famdom with you.


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