Weekly Summary 12

18th March – 24th March

Wow, this week was busy!

This week we will start with the videos we got but before that a few updates on the campaign and some other news…

From 1st April a new poster will be presented in Berlin/Germany. If you’re interested in the design – check this tweet and engage in the daily flock to unlock!

Also the #FireMessageHunt started by us is going on. Did you already check the map to see which places it has already been at? If not… take a look here!

#FireMessageHunt Map

Now to the news… Shadowhunters will be shown on TV in Germany from 28th March on Sixx!

Next are the videos. There were lots of clips and also interviews again. Like… sneak peeks of the next episode.

And another episode of Farewell to Shadowhunters

We also got to see a new Kat Instagram live

A small interview with Kat about Clary’s fashion…

And this hilarious video of Harry and Matt reading thirst tweets

And there was a lot of BTS stuff

Monday!! Welcome to the institute @hijackylai @shadowhunterstv #shadowhunterslegacy

And we got some more photos… which could or could not be spoiling a bit…

And of course some important tweets (some of them happening during the live tweeting)

And like always last are press and media:


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