Weekly Summary 11

11th March – 17th March

This week we will start with some behind the scenes photography and clips…

When your werewolf dad and warlock godfather eavesdrop on you and your boyfriend after you’ve been rescused from being held hostage by your half demon brother… casual Monday at the Institute… 😆 Watch it all unfold tonight… #ShadowhuntersLegacy @shadowhunterstv @harryshumjr @isaiahmustafa @domsherwood

In addition to this bts stuff we got a video about it as well

Some sneak peeks…

And of course some interviews and other videos

And we were blessed with this lovely photo

Live tweet with us using #ShadowhuntersChat. We’re waiting. 🖤

As for updates on the campaign project… there is now a billboard in Munich, Germany – home of Constantin Film HQ

And last but not least updates on press and media


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