Press: ‘3B Promo’

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Digital Spy
“Shadowhunters fans are so annoyed with show’s US network they’re making their own final season teasers”

“Shadowhunters fans step up campaign to save show as season 3b premiere approaches”

Film Daily
“#SaveShadowhunters S3B countdown: All the legends are true”

“#SaveShadowhunters: Season 3B final poster reveal!”

“#Shadowfam: How David Nephilim’s artwork keeps the fandom together

Filmstarts (German)
“Druck auf Netflix: So kämpfen Fans um die Fortsetzung ihrer Lieblingsserie (#SaveShadowhunters)”

“‘Shadowhunters’ fans have created their own promo for the final episodes”

Hidden Remote
“Shadowhunters fans unite to create polaroid teaser campaign for season 3B”

Save Shadowhunters campaign returns to Hollywood with two billboards

Just Jared Jr
“‘Shadowhunters’ Fans Launch Own Promo Campaign For Final Season & It’s Genius!”

Promiflash (German)
“Fans protestieren gegen die Absetzung von ‘Shadow Hunters'”

Pure Fandom
“ShadowhuntersPosterChallenge Part 1: Amazing art by fans”

“ShadowhuntersPosterChallenge Part 2: Fan art of Clary, Jace and Clace”

“ShadowhuntersPosterChallenge Part 3: Fan art of Lilith and the Morgensterns”

“ShadowhuntersPosterChallenge Part 4: Magnus Bane”

“#ShadowhuntersPosterChallenge Part 5: Fan art of Izzy, Simon and Meliorn”

“#SaveShadowhunters: Fans take the campaign to Germany”

Serienfuchs (German)
“‘Shadowhunters’: Neue Fan-Kampagnen zur 3. Staffel – So könnt ihr mitmachen und helfen”

“‘Shadowhunters’ Staffel 3: Deutsche Fans stellen Plakat-Aktion in München auf die Beine”

The Series Regulars
“‘Shadowhunters’: Fans Launch Los Angeles Billboards To Promote 3B”

Teen Vogue
“‘Shadowhunters’ Fans Created Their Own Promo for the Show’s Final Episodes”