A Bit of Nostalgia

Two weeks ago “Shadowhunters” aired their epic two part finale. This finale was packed full of humor, love, and heartbreak. The tension between the Morgenstern siblings came to an end with a much needed hug from sister to brother, but it would cost Clary everything. After saying ave atque vale to Jonathan wedding bells for two love birds could be heard. Family, friends, and fans all gathered to watch Magnus Bane finally tie the knot with Alexander Gideon Lightwood. With happiness in the air for most party goers there was one who was saying goodbye. Clary danced with Simon and Maryse before finally ending her time at the reception with Jace. Fans watched as Clary poured her heart out to her lover before leaving him for some fresh air but what he and the fans didn’t know was that Clary was leaving the institute doors for the last time. A year after the heartbreaking scene with Clary fans get an insight on life with every character. Alicante has changed for the better and the previous werewolf hangout was becoming a place where everyone could come together in peace. While everything seemed to be settled for most Jace struggled to accept what the angels did to Clary and he continued to check on her despite protest from Simon. The last few minutes of this emotion filled finale offered a bit of nostalgia for the fans. As Clary enjoys herself at her art gallery there’s a guest that never expected to be seen. The moment that Jace realizes that Clary can see him fans are taken back to the first moment in which the Shadow World became reality. The end came quickly and left fans wanting more. Less than a week after the final episodes fans came together and took a trip down memory lane. For the past two weeks fans have turned back time and watched “Shadowhunters” over again starting with season one episode one. These re-watches have not only taken fans back to the beginning but it has kept #SaveShadowhunters trending each week on Twitter. The end may have been near but for these fans the fight is far from over. The memories are far from gone and fans are continuing to fight by reliving the iconic moments over again. Join the ShadowFam each Monday and Tuesday for the Shadowhunter re-watches. Watch as Clary discovers the world over again. Watch as the fight to save this legacy continues.


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