One more story to go…

We got this via mail from AO3 user TheUsagi1995

Dear Shadowfam…

The last few days I have been thinking a lot regarding everything that has happened to me ever since I started watching Shadowhunters which was on October 2018. It came to me in times dire, when I was all alone. I didn’t know I needed it until I lost it.

So now as we gear up for what is possibly the last episode of the series I cannot help but look back to everything this family has done.
I know many people say that it is the Shadowfam as a fandom who will be able to save the show but this is actually not true.

We were never the ones who could save the show. All we could do was to try and make those who can actually save the show understand that we want them to do it. Unfortunately we do not sit in those offices, we cannot sign those papers and we cannot make those deals. What we could do we have done it already.
We have promoted the show. For almost a year now we have taken it upon ourselves to promote the show with billboards, banners and everything in between. Be proud because we have kept the show afloat without any official help. This is actually huge even though many of us may may not understand its magnanimity.

I think we should enjoy the show because this is what Shadowhunters is all about. It’s those 45 minutes which help us get through the week. So do not let sadness be the emotion that you feel. Be overwhelmed and happy that we got to see these wonderful stories, be happy we get to have some kind of closure. Rejoice!
They have taken  season four away from us but do not let them take away those two episodes too.

Shadowhunters is a testimony to what a meaningful tv show show should look like. It is not without flaws but it has progressively gotten better. So let us be better too. Let us join hands and enjoy it together!! in the lack of an actual Twitter account due to social media anxiety, I need to say my thank yous right here.  I had a Twitter account at the beginning of the campaign but it was stressing me out so when it was blocked due to over tweeting, I never opened it again.

You could say I was a ghost. I would read and think over the tweets of other accounts but I could never actually reply. So now it is time for me to say it… 
The past months through the eyes of a ” ghost” who was only now reached out to the awesome team of ShadowfamD… A list of names you know well, and which I need to properly thank. 

Thank you to the awesome BoombitchesSH for organizing the most Kick-Ass campaign. For spending all this time and effort into this. You guys are wonderful and we would have never be here without you. You should really consider taking on the management of a company because you are rockstars!!

Thank you to SDN for all the coverage of the cons, for their coverage regarding Matt and Harry and for all their help! Those pics you have been gifting us with are my world!!

Thank you to Basic Shadowhunters Stuff and Shadowmerch for keeping up the momentum of the campaign and for contributing to the awesome store with the merchandise that we have created!!! You guys are extremely talented!! As for the charity, fear not. I know all about it. But hold that thought for a little bit longer.
Thank you to Bane&Louis for all the devotion and the encouragements throughout this hiatus which has proven to be very painful. Without you nothing would be the same.

Thank you to C B Wentworth for all her awesome insight into the ratings and how we can impact them! For always be a column pillar of Hope and the beacon of light!! Without your insight this fandom would not be as well equipped heading out to this fight! You really gave me hope when I most needed it!

Thank you to Maleclibrarian for her overwhelming analytic updates! I have been reading them ever since the beginning and I think you should really be a member of a company because you are impossible! there are no words that can convey my gratitude for all the time you have spent. I know you’re hearing this from a person you have never really heard from before but I really didn’t feel well not expressing my feelings towards you. Feelings of utter amazement because you kept us updated and you helped us so much!! Thank you!!

Thank you to Iconic Nephilim (David) for the spectacular designs for the campaign! I swear to God the first salary I am going to receive will be spend on buying things based on your design. I wish I had money to help you go to some graphic design studio. I feel blessed to be able to witness your unbelievable drawings!! As a person with reduced eyesight this is really a blessing!!

Thank you to Mavitomo for some of the cutest and brightest drawings I have ever seen! They have brighten my day countless times and I am always smiling when I see one!! You really are extraordinary and I feel so blessed to have seen some of your drawing so thank you so much for sharing!!

Thank you to MaxMakesArt for the great malec pictures that we have been able to see! Your edits almost to seem out of this world and you really talented! I hope you will keep on doing it!!

Of course thank you to all the other artists who have helped and contributed to this fandom because you are all unique in your own way! I may not know your names but I know that you make the world a better place with your awesome drawings, poets, videos, merchandise and fanfiction stories!

Thank you to Megan for her awesome videos that make me cry every time like seriously how can you do that!?! I cry every freaking time because they are so well done!!

Thank you to Tasha and  SAspihesi because with their positivity they both  helped me realize that the world is not just black and white and that no one is alone!! There’s someone out there ready to listen when you need it!!

Thank you to ShadowFamD for all the gifts that they have sent to Constantin Film during all this time and for their never-ending positivity which is something I needed. They are still here and I am so glad that they have helped us! I wish I had learned German so that I could say what I feel in their language but I really do not know any other word except for ” Danke”. 🤣

The same goes for the awesome team the “(Not) Silent Sisters” who have promoted the show in Germany and helped us with the articles which would be released from time to time! They have done an incredible job and I have stumbled upon them by chance on Ao3! Once again they gave me the strength to keep on going and there’s no word capable of being enough to make them realize how important this was. So instead I will just say thank you.

Thank you to Michael John Donahue for all his insight into this madness. Your words of encouragement have kept this girl alive. Thank you for being by your side!!

Thank you to the great Nikkolette who has promoted the show in the summer comic con of 2018 and so many other times!! Believe me when I say that you are a source of positivity for me and a model to look up to!!

And of course… Thank you to my two friends… Who am I kidding… You are so much more than friends. So much more. @kimvictor71 and @disastermalec What words can I conjure up to say how happy I am to have met you? Greece is here too and finding you two has made my life shiny and so much better. Always there for me… I have always wanted a bigger family and now I know that I have one… Thank you.

As for the money for charity? Many of a times I have addressed this issue on Ao3. I have noted how changing the life of one person because he can call for help in a time of need it is actually priceless and no economic deal between companies; no raised money for advertising; can ever equal this.

This is what people should do. People should help one another. And in this family I have found so many beautiful people who have helped me repeatedly…
You have been reading the stories that I have been writing for 2 years now. Your comments and your subscriptions and your encouragement has lifted my spirits when they were dipped into a mire. English is not my mother tongue and I am slightly dialectic so I am making mistakes all the time but you still moved past this and you read my stories… It made me so happy. No words of gratitude could actually suffice to convey everything that I want you to understand.

I know we’re heading to the end for now,band this is something many people cannot really process, even though we knew this day was coming. But we must not be sad. Do not be sad because something is ending be happy because it began and you were lucky enough to live to see it and comprehend it and cherish it.
‌Let your feelings come to the surface. Laugh and cry and be angry and then, at last, be at peace. Because we have risen above and beyond to help advertise and save the show. And through this long ride, we have soared higher, becoming better men. Do not let anyone tell you that what you’re feeling is not important, because we are talking about just the TV show.

Anything that helps you get through the day, anything that is important enough to be a part of you, is worth each and every emotion. Thousands of people around the world are like you and we have each other’s backs. In time, the ache will fade and we will be left to cherish the wonderful memories.

Keep all those beautiful messages inside your heart. Remember that you are important for this world. Remember that there is nothing wrong with being who You are. That every addiction can be defeated. That waiting for something to happen, is part of life. It is okay if you haven’t found someone to love you because you definitely will. Age is nothing but a number. Remember that even if your parents were not the best, that doesn’t mean you will follow in their footsteps. Remember that even though parents are not always great, they still love us. And more importantly, remember that being yourself is what will set you free.
Be who you want to be, not who everyone else wants you to be.

Only then, you will be free and you will be able to find what you’re missing.
And if you cannot see the reason why it is worthy to go on, then who knows, maybe one of your reviews which you left in one of my stories got me through a very tough day. Which is actually very possible. All of you; Each and everyone of you has helped me so much. By doing so, without knowing it, you have made a difference to this world. it may seem trivial to you, but believe me when I say it is anything but.
You may think that you are trapped in a meaningless life. But, there is always a choice. Choose to be what you yearn. And try to become a better person.
 I think I have achieved that in the last few months courtesy of the save Shadowhunters movement. All those authors I have come across those past months… There are no words to convey how much I have learned from them.

The show may be ending, at least for now, but we are not going anywhere. The stories will be here for everyone who needs to read them. The cast will be here living their life and brightening the world.
The show will be here too, teaching to new viewers the importance of friendship, love, family, acceptance, and the meaning of true strength. The importancemaking the right choice. 
Of choosing not to be a ghost.

The importance of choosing to live in the light.
Fanfic author TheUsagi1995

Our team wants to thank you a lot for all these kind words. This means a lot to us and the fandom. Thank you for choosing to speak up, to write down your thoughts and be a ray of light. We wish you all the best!

One thought on “One more story to go…

  1. Beautifully said thank u for your kind words and precepitive as its a sad time 4 all and giving us a reminder that its ok to feel all these emotions cause i feel sad lost and alone


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